Pleasure Seeking

How Much Is Seeking Happiness Costing You?

Mumin Godwin: Pleasure Seeking
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We were taught an early age that we should be on a pursuit of happiness! This is a controlled society, meaning mans laws that cause chaos instead of balance. This great mass deception was solely created to make industries rich off of humanity, the insecure human ego. The ego can never be satisfied, no matter how much we feed it. So how much money are you spending a month to be happy?

I say invest time is seeking something natural such as joy! Happiness is a simple emotion just like being sad, mad or glad. Happiness comes from external stimuli, whereas joy is an internal blissful feeling that is infinite. Outside things that stimulate the 5 senses gives us happiness, simple things as doing what you love to do create a sense of happiness.

Without joy, when we are not happy we tend to feel empty as if something is missing, the mind is constantly looking to be stimulated. But with joy, even when we are not happy at the moment we can still laugh and share our joyful feelings with others.

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