Pilgrimage of Desire

Nathaniel Feldmann: Pilgrimage of Desire
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In the Pilgrimage of Desire, a young handsome man is chasing the God of Love in the woods, his desire palpable and body signaling the need for release. Overwhelmed by the hot summer weather and the warm feeling in his loins, he begins the never-ending chase after an elusive image - first through the sun-lit city streets, then in the darkness of a forest.

Making his way through unyielding trees, bushes, and branches, pursued by a crowd of lustful misfits, and urged by his own insatiable desire, he finally encounters the God of Love - Eros. An intense session of love-making in the woods ensues. But whether Eros was just an illusion of a tired mind or a hard-earned reward – no one can tell.

For Valentine's Day, BERLINABLE launched a challenge for authors worldwide, writing secluded tales of sexual indulgence. The winners of the NAUGHTYCUPID contest present the world of love that is sensual, exciting, and diverse.

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