Audioplay with Healing Subliminal Messages

Dennis O´Neill: Oceanwaves
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Gelesen von: Dennis O´Neill
Verlag: EchnAton-Records
Sprache: Deutsch
Spieldauer: 1 Std. 24 Min.
Format: MP3 128 kbit/s
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Ocean Waves - Backed with Healing Subliminals Switch off, feel the force of nature and fill up with the powerful energy of the sea! These Hawaiian waves - breathtakingly powerful and healing - were recorded using dummy head technology, creating the best sounding recording of this natural sound. Salutary subliminal messages make this CD unique. Subliminals are positive powerful affirmations, which are woven in with a certain frequency, which we cannot actively perceive, but which are absorbed by the body and subconscious mind. 100 powerful affirmative sentences were placed under the sound carpet of the waves and are among other things: - As I am, I am loved by other people. - I am healthy. - I am full of energy and go powerfully through this day.

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