David Balaam: No One Is Sacrosanct

David Balaam: No One Is Sacrosanct
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NO ONE IS SACROSANCTAlthough this follows from the successful Nothing is Sacrosanct by David Balaam, this is also a stand-alone thriller in its own right.The hunt is on for what appears to be a copy-cat killer of paedophiles. Marcus Hartstein; abused boy, businessman, lover, entrepreneur and murderer, was reported dead in 2006 but more bodies have been appearing all with a similar M.O as Hartsteins.DCI Christine Ling was on the original case, hunting him down in Nothing is Sacrosanct. Now she and her husband, Clive Moran, a police profiler, have been brought out of retirement to solve these new murders, but the clues are few, and the suspects are untouchable.Who can be carrying a torch for Marcus Hartstein? Who is capable of carrying out these horrific murders; with a new and even more gruesome killing method than Marcus ever used, or could have dreamed of.

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