InterNova Vol. 3 • 2023

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Under the motto "New Fabulists" it includes the following stories:

Robert Jeschonek (USA) "With Love in Their Hearts"

Dafydd McKimm (Great Britain) "A Lady of Ganymede, a Sparrow of Io"

Jetse de Vries (Netherlands) "Connoisseurs of the Eccentric"

Gustavo Bondoni (Argentina) "Blossoms"

Adriana Alarco de Zadra (Peru) "Neon and the Snake"

Frank W. Haubold (Germany) "He Who Picks the Bones"

Frank Roger (Belgium) "Variant Readings"

Also the already classic story "Our Daily Bread" by Sven Kloepping (Germany) from one of the early issues of InterNova's mother magazine Nova and an insightful guest editorial by one of my veteran collaborators who I hold in high esteem, Guy Hasson from Israel.

A special thanks to our proofreaders. Nicole Ashfield and Tasha Bajpal have joined in with this issue.

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