Never Judge Others

Never Judge Others You do not know their full story Inspired By The Teachings Of GAUR GOPAL DAS JI

Krishna Mohan Avancha: Never Judge Others
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Would like to take this opportunity to thank Gaur Gopal Das Ji for his wonderful choice of words and wisdom which he has used to help crores of people like me to humble us, ask us to think again of what we know is true or believe in. His teachings and humor has undoubtedly touched millions of hearts and more so helped many like me to overcome our fits of rage, due to our arrogance and ignorance of the finest & simplest of truths. 


His simplest of explanations sometimes are what have moved and broken down my walls of Self-righteousness which I had built around myself. I had forgotten quite simply that though others may not have achieved as much but I was quite simply put a fool to undermine or insult them as I was not actually judging them but in a way was showing that though I had learnt a lot of arts but I was still poor at heart. I realised through Sir's teachings that though they may have done something to annoy me, losing my patience and showing my anger was my weakness and that I was actually involuntarily stating that I was a fool & a nobody to judge.

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