Mystic Christianity

William Walker Atkinson: Mystic Christianity
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"Mystic Christianity" is a valuable resource for wisdom and serenity. It gives insights on the mystical teachings of Jesus Christ, on who he really was, doctrinal questions and much more.


The First Lesson - The Coming Of The Master.

The Second Lesson. The Mystery Of The Virgin Birth.

The Third Lesson. The Mystic Youth Of Jesus.

The Fourth Lesson. The Beginning Of The Ministry.

The Fifth Lesson. The Foundation Of The Work.

The Sixth Lesson. The Work Of Organization.

The Seventh Lesson. The Beginning Of The End.

The Eighth Lesson. The End Of The Life Work.

The Ninth Lesson. The Inner Teachings.

The Tenth Lesson. The Secret Doctrine.

The Eleventh Lesson. The Ancient Wisdom.

The Twelfth Lesson. The Message Of The Master.