My Smart Kid - Colors

White, Green, Blue - Education book for kids with Games

Suzy Makó: My Smart Kid - Colors
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The first things that children will learn are the main colors. Colors are all around us and every kid should know colors in the early years. Color recognition is extremely important and children will have a lot of fun with this education book with educational games that could learn them colors easily and fast. Kids will be proud to be able to recognize the colors that surround them. Thanks to this illustrated book, children will fall in love with colors. They will also become acquainted with learning through games and gain a positive attitude towards learning. The education book lists all the basic colors. Games at the end of the book will great for kids to memorize the colors they have learned.Thanks to the beautiful illustrations and the color of the book, the child will form a positive attitude towards education. The education book "Colors" should be part of the basic education of children in the early years. If you are a parent or babysitter, be sure to choose this book that your children will love, or try other editions of My Smart Kid education book collection by Suzy Makó. Learning through cute pictures and games is the best way to start educating children. Give them the joy of knowledge and teach them something new. The illustrated book of colors is suitable for kids of every age.

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