Carlo Reltas: My SEOUL

77 interesting Places in Korea's vibrant Capital

Carlo Reltas: My SEOUL
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Seoul - the capital of a divided country whose southern part developed from a war-ravaged poorhouse into one of the world's leading economic powers within a few decades. Sam-sung, Hyundai and LG are global brands that everyone knows. The cultural heritage of this Asian tiger and Korea's magnificent landscapes are far less well known. Seoul is a high-tech city. Its citizens live under the spell of smartphones. Its history was shaped by kings, monks, wars, heroes and sacrifices.

Carlo Reltas presents 77 places in words and pictures - always informative, critical and entertaining. He takes visitors to royal palaces and parks. The author explains modern architecture like the iconic Dongdaemun Design Plaza and historical sights like the city wall. He roams markets, neighbourhoods, churches and temples as well as museums, concert halls and memorials. He takes you to his favourite restaurants, to the mountains, to the sea and ... to the inter-Korean border to the Demilitarised Zone. And he does not leave out the Itaewon disaster, where at least 158 young people died on Halloween 2022.


The author Carlo Reltas was a journalist and manager of an international news agency for decades. Since leaving the news business, he has lived near Heidelberg, in Abu Dhabi and on the road. Since August 2020, he has been living in Seoul.

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