My conversations with JFK-uncensored

Marilu Kennedy Windsor Mercalina: My conversations with JFK-uncensored
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The true story of President John F. Kennedy. From his childhood to his adult years. What he had to give up to become the next president of the U.S.A. His love for music. He was really an accomplished pianist, his first wife, the love of his life and Arney, his oldest daughter. Here you will know the real story of the original Kennedys from Scotland. Starting with PJ, how he had to flee Scotland with his young son Joseph and go to America where they aqcuired a new indentity. They became Irish but with their own names. Later you will find the story of Joseph. About his first wife and his two oldest daughters. From the diary and letters of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy come this explosive tell all book, uncensored.

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