Moral Based Stories

Dorji Wangdi: Moral Based Stories
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Moral Based Stories is a collection of six interesting stories that give us messages. In the first story The Best Child, a poor widow becomes a laughingstock because of her poverty. Her three well-to-do friends always have something to boast about. One day, they praise about their children's fame. When they ask the widow about her son, she fidgets in embarrassment. To find out what happens next, read the story, please.

In the second story 'Eyes of Country', a painter has to choose between the two important figures having a hot debate. His answer will impress you.

Jealousy burns our Heart is about two brothers. The greedy elder brother hurts his poor brother in needy hours. Suddenly, the younger brother becomes rich. He becomes jealous and tries to find his brother's secret. Find out what happens to him.

In the story 'Kindness Returns', two humble friends help an elderly woman who abandoned by her sons. In return, she gives them something. Read the story to find how the story ends. The ending is quite motivating.

In Uproot Bad Behavior, a teacher gives his spoiling student a great lesson that salvages him from the dope way. And in the last story Beggar's Life, a young girl ill-treats a beggar. The beggar cast a spell to transform her into an ugly girl to experience a beggar's life. Will she retrieve her normalcy? Find out yourself, please.

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