W. J. Henderson: Modern Musical Drift

W. J. Henderson: Modern Musical Drift
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Written by William American music critic and scholar James Henderson (1855 – 1937), this well-written work presents a critical analysis of the music of the 1800s and is considered a significant piece of literature on music. Henderson displays his rational views on the famous music personalities of that time, including Richard Wanger, Richard Strauss, and many more renowned music composers. Contents include: Parsifalia A Pure Fool In The New World Ethics And Æsthetics The National Religious Drama Der Ring Des Nibelungen A Futile God And A Potent Devil The Woman And The Serpent Back-worlds Gods And Over-woman Isolde's Serving-woman Richard Strauss The Historical Survey The Æsthetic View What Does It All Mean? Strauss And The Song Writers Aux Italiens Italian Opera Of To-day The Classic Of The Unprogressive The Oratorio Of To-day Note

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