Mind-Power: The Secret Of Mental Magic

William Walker Atkinson: Mind-Power: The Secret Of Mental Magic
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Atkinson's work is widely considered as one of the best among the New Thought publications. All his lessons are funneling into one big aim: how mind can conquer matter. Learn how to train and improve your mind and to train your new powers.



Chapter I. The Mental-Dynamo

Chapter II. The Nature Of Mind-Power

Chapter III. Mentative Induction

Chapter IV. Mental Magic In Animal Life

Chapter V. Mental Magic In Human Life

Chapter VI. The Mentatitve Poles

Chapter VII. Desire And Will In Fable

Chapter VIII. Mind-Power In Action

Chapter IX. Personal Magnetism

Chapter X. Examples Of Dynamic Mentation

Chapter XI. Dynamic Individuality

Chapter XII. Mental Atmosphere

Chapter XIII. Channels Of Influence

Chapter XIV. Instruments Of Expression

Chapter XV. Using The Mentative Instruments

Chapter XVI. Mental Suggestion

Chapter XVII. Four Kinds Of Suggestion

Chapter XVIII. How Suggestion Is Used

Chapter XIX. Induced Imagination

Chapter XX. Induced Imagination In India

Chapter XXI. The Ocean Of Mind-Power

Chapter XXII. A Glimpse Of The Occult World

Chapter XXIII. Self Protection

Chapter XXV. Mental Therapeutics

Chapter XXVI. Mental Healing Methods

Chapter XXVII. Mental Architecture

Chapter XXVIII. Making Over Oneself

Chapter XXIX. Mind-Building