King Agur's 3 but 4

Ayodele Ajileye: King Agur's 3 but 4
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King Agur was one of those that contributed to the book of Proverbs, and his writings only came up in the thirtieth chapter of this wisdom book of the Bible. Although there is no record of king Agur in the bible, yet I think, he was one of the acquaintances of the wise King Solomon. His writing style is not too different from King Solomon's and it is filled with mysteries.

King Agur seemed to be writing to a specific audience; he was writing to those who are still weighing their options as to what to do with their lives, and those who are open-minded to understand the deep things of the wise. He was also writing to those who have made the right choice on how to enjoy themselves in their chosen ways of life as well as to encourage and give hope to everyone who seems to have delay in getting result of his chosen good way of life.

My friend, the future awaits your arrival in style, and you have to start at it now, regardless of your age and what you have gone or are going through. Your decisions today work out your tomorrow. So, define your future well from now.

The wise king was careful in selecting his words and things to compare certain lifestyles with. Join me in exploring King Agur's 3 but 4 so that we can unveil the mysteries contained therein. Keep your notepad with you so that you can pen down some of the things that strike your heart and so you can use them to put some things in order in your life. And when you are through with the book, I want you to recommend it to everyone you can reach, they will appreciate you for it.

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