Karma & Rebirth In A Nutshell

Diverse: Karma & Rebirth In A Nutshell
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Buddhist teacher and writer Jinananda considers the history, the tradition and the more contemporary view on Karma and Rebirth in this controversial and largely misunderstood topic.

A modern Zen master was asked recently what happens when we die. His reply represents an important strand of thinking on the subject of rebirth. He said, 'I don't know. I am not a dead Zen master.' Everyone is issued a ticket at birth for the journey they must one day take to the populous realm of death. And it is a one-way ticket. As Hamlet observes, no traveller returns from across that frontier, unless in very questionable form, like the ghost of his father. It is a mystery. One cannot be sure of any kind of survival. Nor can one be certain that death is simply a blank nothing...