J. M. BARRIE: Complete Peter Pan Books, Novels, Plays, Short Stories, Essays & Autobiography

Complete Peter Pan Books, Novels, Plays, Essays, Short Stories & Memoirs; Including Thrums Trilogy, Ibsen's Ghost, A Kiss for Cinderella, Sentimental Tommy, The Little White Bird, Lady's Shoe…

J. M. Barrie: J. M. BARRIE: Complete Peter Pan Books, Novels, Plays, Short Stories, Essays & Autobiography
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Peter Pan Adventures

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

Peter and Wendy

Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up

When Wendy Grew Up


Better Dead

When a Man's Single

Auld Licht Idylls

A Window in Thrums

The Little Minister

Sentimental Tommy

Tommy and Grizel

The Little White Bird

A Tillyloss Scandal

Life in a Country Manse

Lady's Shoe

Short Stories

A Holiday in Bed and Other Sketches

Two of Them and Other Stories

Other Short Stories

Inconsiderate Waiter

The Courting of T'Nowhead's Bell

Dite Deuchars

The Minister's Gown

Shutting a Map

An Invalid in Lodgings

The Mystery of Time-Tables

Mending the Clock

The Biggest Box in the World

The Coming Dramatist

The Result of a Tramp

The Other "Times"

How Gavin Birse Put it to Mag Lownie

The Late Sherlock Holmes


Ibsen's Ghost

Jane Annie

Walker, London

The Professor's Love Story

The Little Minister

The Wedding Guest

Little Mary

Quality Street

The Admirable Crichton

What Every Woman Knows

Der Tag (The Tragic Man)

Dear Brutus

Alice Sit-by-the-Fire

A Kiss for Cinderella

Half an Hour

Seven Women

Old Friends

Mary Rose


The Twelve-Pound Look


The Will

The Old Lady Shows Her Medals

The New Word

Barbara's Wedding

A Well-Remembered Voice


Neither Dorking Nor The Abbey

Charles Frohman: A Tribute


Preface to The Young Visiters

The Man from Nowhere

Woman and the Press

A Plea for Smaller Books

Boy's Books

The Lost Works of George Meredith

The Humor of Dickens

Ndintpile Pont


What is Scott's Best Novel?


Margaret Ogilvy

An Edinburgh Eleven

My Lady Nicotine

Sir James Matthew Barrie (1860-1937) is one of the greatest Scottish novelists and playwrights, best remembered as the creator of Peter Pan.