Italian Summer - Episode 1

A romantic gay summer holiday

Nathaniel Feldmann: Italian Summer - Episode 1
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Newly graduated from a Master's degree in Brussels, American expat Eddie has fallen hard for his handsome thesis supervisor Luc. Not knowing whether he will be able to stay in Europe, or whether he wants to pursue the life European, he embarks upon an Italian summer holiday with Luc and some friends of his. Eddie feels like the little brother tagging along on the grown ups' holiday, but it's well worth it to fall in love with Italy in the summertime.

Perpetually hung up on not being well-hung, Eddie's insecurity is eased by his hot older man, whose appreciation for Renaissance art is matched only by his delight in Eddie's physique. Well, and his appreciation for Italian bread, which is nonetheless not quite as good as the baguette of his homeland. Whether it's on the beaches of Amalfi or touristing in Florence, the pair revel in the sights of their summer, but will this be enough to tempt Eddie to stay forever?

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