In the violence of the beast

A story from CD Sanders´ world of thriller revolving around David Connelly, Sarah Ritter, Richard Stanton, Isabel Cole

CD Sanders: In the violence of the beast
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August 16, 1997: Civil Prosecutor Frank Benninger's review of Interpol Agent David Connelly, former Lieutenant of the British Army. The complaint is hereby brought before the "Council for the establishment of the European Police Office".


For the first time in his professional career, Interpol agent and former British Army sniper David Connelly heard these words. Maybe he had actually gone too far in search of his missing partner, Iris Ganser, a former London policewoman. The two young agents had come to know and appreciate each other in their training at Interpol. In a joint effort in which they wanted to convict the drug and arms dealer Frank Benninger, David lost sight of his partner. Was Iris camouflage revealed to the suspect's newspaper?

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