In Bed with Berlin - Episode 3

Love, Sex, Life

Michalina Mayerhoff: In Bed with Berlin - Episode 3
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In this erotic series, set in summery Berlin, the hot love adventures of the exceptionally pretty Lena (25 y.o.) and her attractive cousin Marian (26 y.o.) are told. Both are crazy about this glorious city, enjoy their freedom and lustful energy to the fullest, and slide from one exciting affair to the next. The provocative stories deal with pure sex in all its facets, but also with love, suffering, and intrigues as well as the ups and downs of their feelings.

What happens in the third episode:

There are many exciting things happening between Martha and Marian that really turn them on. The evening of passion in its pure eroticism and lust is experienced in several stages by at least four people. But then there are some emotional misunderstandings as well which add fuel to the erotic fire.

The author, Michalina Mayerhoff, tells a story of real love with Lena and Marian in the most exciting city in the world. This is a truly exhilarating and addictive series where human nature is explored and sexual pleasure and juicy gossip are abundant.

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