I Love You, Jane Doe - The Desolate Collection

Includes I Love You, Jane Doe and I Love You, Jane Doe - The Commemoration Version

Dylan Kassman: I Love You, Jane Doe - The Desolate Collection
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I love you Jane, I always have...

Jane... you made me this unstable person. You made me chase you around for three years and then throw me in the gutter, you made me who I am and... I don't think I can stop it... I can't stop loving you

I would have loved to take care of you. Keep you warm when the cold bitter winters come whistling away and kiss you on those tender lips when the nice clear summer skies roll out across the Heavens. I would have protected you from every threat known to mankind and would have supported you through each decision you made

But it seems you don't see the same way I do. And I... can't see you anymore

The Desolate Collection includes the original 'I Love You, Jane Doe' and  'I Love You, Jane Doe; The Commemoration Version', which is an updated version of the original staged play 'I Love You, Jane Doe' after it went through numerous changes, public and private showcases and feedback

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