How Horses Feel and Think

Understanding behaviour, emotions and intelligence

Marlitt Wendt: How Horses Feel and Think
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Fassung: 2011
Verlag: Cadmos Publishing
Sprache: Englisch
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Take a glimpse of the world seen from a horse's point of view

This is a fascinating journey into the emotional world seen from a horse's point of view. Thoroughly researched and presented, this book introduces the reader to the language of horses, to their astonishing mental capabilities and their deepest emotions. The information provided offers a good basis for horse owners to learn how to relate better to their horses, to develop a more harmonious relationship to their horses and to school their horses without using force but in a positive, pro-active way.

Written in an accessible, sometimes light-hearted way from a practical point of view, the author succeeds in bridging the gap between science and the daily experience of everybody dealing with horses.

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