Hard Times: Selected Quotes And Words Of Wisdom

Including: Plato, Leo Tolstoy, Malcolm Gladwell, Ryan Holiday, Rumi, Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs, Dwayne Johnson, J.K. Rowling, Michael Jordan And Many More!

Everbooks Editorial: Hard Times: Selected Quotes And Words Of Wisdom
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HARD TIMES: SELECTED QUOTES AND WORDS OF WISDOM-GOLDEN QUOTES bring you a compilation of the very best quotes from the worlds most iconic humans takes on HARD TIMES, including:EpictetusHoracePlatoPaulo CoelhoMaxime LagacéMark MansonJames ClearRumiConfuciusOscar WildeAnd Many More!-GOLDEN QUOTES is a collective of passionate individuals that love to appreciate timeless wisdom compiled and compressed into insightful quotes.Our main goal is to infect you with motivation and inspiration to live life and engage with it at its fullest.-SOME EXAMPLES:Character is the virtue of hard times.Charles de Gaulle-People need hard times and oppression to develop psychic muscles.Emily Dickinson-Do not be concerned too much with what will happen. Everything which happens will be good and useful for you. Epictetus-In hard times, no less than in prosperity, preserve equanimity. Horace-At night, especially, it is beautiful to believe in the light. Plato