Gnani Yoga

Yogi Ramacharaka, William Walker Atkinson: Gnani Yoga
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"Gnani Yoga" is the "Yoga" of Wisdom. It is followed by those of a scientific, intellectual type, who are desirous of reasoning out, proving, experimenting, and classifying the occult knowledge. It is the path of the scholar. Its follower is strongly attracted toward metaphysics. Examples of the idea of "Gnani Yoga"—apparently widely differing examples—are to be seen in the great philosophers of ancient and modern times, and in the other extreme, those who have a strong tendency toward metaphysical teachings. As a matter of fact, nearly all students of the Yogi Philosophy, are more or less attracted to "Gnani Yoga", even though they be said to be following one of the other of the three paths.

This book consists of twelve lessons that explain the basics, principles and secrets of Gnani Yoga.