Glitz Kids - Episode 6


Alexandria Emilia Rawa: Glitz Kids - Episode 6
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Rico's and Kamila's relaxed holiday on Aruba continues. Even though the island is tiny, its size is perfect for the two lovers, offering romantic adventures of any kind, bringing the lovers closer. From unexpected expeditions to the supermarket - a place that Kamila never goes to in a fear of paparazzi - to passionate nights on the beach, Rico and Kamila revel in the beauty of the sun-filled island. But things take a grim turn from there.

Forced to come back to Berlin, Kamila can't help but remember the dark parts of her family history. As hate and misery overwhelm her emotional world, her love for Rico remains the last ray of sunshine she can cling to. When she's finally ready to express herself, another shock follows. Will Rico return the adoration or shatter Kamila's poor heart?

Glitz Kids is a tasteful erotic novel where passion, secrecy, love, and pain are closely intertwined. It reveals shameful but irresistible desires, that even people who have it all cannot resist.

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