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Many Christian have been wandering about from one place to another, for the attainment of blessings, but forgot that there is a source of blessing from heaven to connect to the blessing everyone needs on earth.  Some Christian don't, even know that they have the owner of blessing with them on earth, everywhere they are. Many Christian even say that God only needs their praises and prayers; that God does not need human substance because; God does not eat human food nor does he spend money; that he only need our praise as his food. Thereby they have been working over the years experiencing: bad luck, scarcity, no- profit, and loss. Even, some people money and things are being stolen away, while many have been spending so much on sickness because; they don't know that giving: is the source of blessing!

 "The Bible says in the book of Prv3:9-10 honour God with your substance. Christian, who refuses to honour God with their substance; live in hardship, poverty and so on. Whereas Christianity is a religion of peace, riches, wealth, abundance, increment, long life in prosperity.

Are you one of the Christian that has been experiencing hardship, financial predicament, loss, sickness and stagnancy? This powerful book "Giving: The Source Of Blessing": will give you the insight of what giving is? Why you must give and honour God with your substance?  The prayer you must pray: to gain the freedom, for you to see the wonders, miracle and the mysteries concealed in giving; that will let you receive and enjoy the abundance and overflowing blessings from God that add no sorrow. 

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