GET CALM, STAY CALM: How I Left Anxiety and Depression & Learned to Love Myself and How You Can Too

The Secrets to Being Able to Access Calm Immediately Anytime - Be Calm in All Situations, Love yourself and Others - Access Deeper and Deeper Inner Peace as You Grow into Your Best Life

David Furnevall: GET CALM, STAY CALM: How I Left Anxiety and Depression & Learned to Love Myself and How You Can Too
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The Secrets to Being Able to Access Calm Immediately, Anytime - Be Calm in All Situations, Love Yourself and Others - Access Deeper and Deeper Inner Peace as You Grow into Your Best Life. I was very unhappy for a lot of the time and for long periods of my life. BUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT.....I healed myself from the anxiety, depression and unhappiness that stopped me moving forward in many areas of my life.I did it by accessing great wisdom (from others and within myself), acceptance of who I am and practice. I changed my habits and my mindset and I overcame it.The reason Im saying this, is that I'm nobody special. I just wanted to get rid of the bad stuff in my life, so I kept trying. And eventually I started to believe in myself.Im still growing, Im still healing (those two words mean the same thing to me) and I always will be.I push myself to achieve more success and to achieve more love, peace and connection.If I can do it, so can anybody. So can you. No matter where youre at right now.The fact that youre reading about this book, means you want to try. And you can.YOU TOTALLY - CAN DO ITYou can live in Joy and Happiness every day.With the techniques and ideas I will share in this book. You will be able to benefit from my experiences and get results in a much shorter time than I did too.That's all you need right now. The belief will come when you start getting results. Just have an open mind and do the deep looking and the exercises and you will get results.You can do this, you are going to get happy. I know this because I know you, because we are one. -----------------------About MeI was stressed, anxious and unhappy for a long time in my early life. I was scared of leaving the house, deeply unhappy in social situations, having daily panic attacks, self-medicating with alcohol and drugs and having regular thoughts of suicide.I have spent the last 15 years+ working on ways to reduce my stress, remove my personal limiting beliefs, improve my health, deal with challenges and focus on being the best version of me, I can be. Im practising. A work in progress too. Im still growing, I still have personal growth challenges to overcome. But I have managed to let go of the control those things once had over me. Not only do I live in Joy and Happiness every day, but I now help people to face the challenges of the modern world, reduce stress and increase happiness in their lives too.I have found with my own journey that we don't necessarily need to learn new stuff. We already have everything we need to be happy and stress free, within us. It is, however, often covered up by our conditioning, repressed emotions and past life experiences.We often have to unlearn and find that place of deeper guidance.This book is about incorporating empowering habits and becoming aware of the roadblocks that are causing our unhappiness and anxiety and reducing their control allowing us to live, more and more in peace, joy and happiness. I dont have your answers, you have all the answers you need. Ill just help you to find them.With loveDavid FurnevallJoyHappiness xx

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