FreiWillig - Episode 18


Lilly M. Beck: FreiWillig - Episode 18
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The adventures of a German sub. Inspired by real life events.

Receptions at the law firm are always boring. But Hanna* knows how to network professionally. So, she makes new contacts and revives old ones. And between all the law firm employees and business partners, there is one person who shines at the party.

Even before her boss announces in his speech which career opportunity Hanna will take and dismisses her as a hopeful offspring, she retreats to a conference room with Gregor*... to have a very private gathering. The sexual attraction is still there, the desire for each other unbroken. Gregor distracts her from the emotional chaos that reigns within her at the moment, and thus puts her in a very special state. She has already played with fire with him several times. Now ,having sex with him on the negotiating table, where she has so often clarified contract-relevant matters together with the team, is definitely one of the most daring adventures.

In the process, Hanna must realise what the future can bring her. But she can't find out like that. The whole evening she is sabotaged to that end. Her boss, the clients, the colleagues and last but not least Gregor rob her of valuable time that she needs for this very purpose today. No one knows about it and Hanna wants to leave it at that for the time being. But since she doesn't know what to do, the distractions come in handy and she puts off dealing with them.

But it comes as it must: Everything escalates after Gregor can't keep his hands off her, even in front of Paul in the car. For Hanna it is clear: she cannot talk to him now. Everything seems even more complicated between them again... but then Gregor sends a chat message with only three words. And these are magical for Hanna.

The eighteenth part of the 20-part short story about sub Hanna, her Dom Gregor and their passionate affair in Berlin.

*Names of people and places in this book have been changed

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