FreiWillig - Episode 12


Lilly M. Beck: FreiWillig - Episode 12
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The adventures of a German sub. Inspired by real life events.

A few words are enough to let the flame flare up and one instruction is all it takes to make Hanna* compliant. In fact, their boundaries are shifting more and more. What seemed impossible months ago is now appealing and spreads a pleasant tingling sensation between her legs. Reinforces the feeling of connection. The stealth makes everything all the more exciting. Gregor* influences her in many ways and consciously or unconsciously brings changes. Again and again, she notices how many areas he is involved in. Always with her permission, of course. He doesn't do anything without her consent. She likes it and gives him all the respect he needs. But something has changed anyway.

Hanna seems to ignore this feeling again and again and enjoys her dom. She pushes dark thoughts aside and focuses on the positive moments. Basically, it is only a premonition, nothing certain, that worries her. If she brushes the concerns aside, she only experiences highly erotic moments. Gregor manages to give her constant pleasure. They have been playing their hot game all day long and she is very happy when she is allowed to come to him. After the office, she sets off on her bike to see him. He planned and thought through the evening for her, but then things turn out differently

This is the twelfth part of the 20-part novel about Sub Hanna, her Dom Gregor, and her passionate affair in Berlin.

*Names of people and places in this book have been changed

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