Forever and Always

Our Family, Infinite Bond, and Friendship

Adlin Taylor-Brissett: Forever and Always
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All of us have a family - some family is very small with only two people, while there are one hundred people in some family. Familly is not always blood-relative, never-the-less they're family.

A family is a living organism made up of raw emotions, sentiments, love, hate, war, and peace.  Our family generally has a full cast of characters. Protagonists, antagonists, heroes, heroines, villains, saints, angel, and nuts.  Our family is our best friend and they're our worst enemy.

They are the enemy within and there's no escaping them.

Most importantly and at the end of the day, Family is all we have. A family is the richest blessings in life. They are for eternity. 

Live life out loud, and laugh at yourself. Let the heavens speak truth to you. Run with the wind and capture the essence of your soul. Spread your winds and transcend beyond space and time.

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