Flames and Symphony

A wrong turn in quest of lost love

TARAK GHOSH: Flames and Symphony
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Hot, heart breaking, unpredictable 'Flames and Symphony' captivates you from the first page and never let you go. It is not just another romance, but a journey in quest of love that never ends.

            Returning India after twenty five years, Sunil Roy, a bestselling author, found his lost love in Tina, a promising journalist who never surrendered before money and political power. Tina was the only daughter and identical to his former girl friend Rima who denied marrying Sunil as he was not then an established person. Rima chose Sam for a better life. Sunil left India and concealed his love under the book cover.

             Rima discovered another Sam after five years of her marriage. Tina was then a two years' old girl. Rima discovered that Sam was a careerist, womanizer and opportunist. Finally, they were separated when Tina was twenty two.

            Sunil decided to propose Rima, but her daughter Tina gave him an open invitation, by saying "We're going to do something that you should have been done decades ago, but you could not demand your love."  But Tina was too complicated to judge. She always raised her voice against corruption. Investigating the unnatural death of a poet, she discovered a nexus among the politicians, drug peddlers and a section of media.

She was an honest journalist as well as an opportunist like her father Sam. A few weeks later, Tina realized that sex had a magical power that could change her life. She realized that changing was natural and it was a sign of life.


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