Find Your Own Way

The Truth Is Inside

Mumin Godwin: Find Your Own Way
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This is my journal based on my spiritual journey going inwards then coming out. This is not the truth just my truth, because the truth is your own. I write about letting go so that we can become who we are supposed to be. We all have the opportunity to become our greatest self. There is a hidden power within all of us, potential energy waiting to be unlocked.

My past experiences created many obstacles and challenges. I was bullied used and abused, I also hurt others too. I thought that I could bury my hurt feelings deep inside while I continued to live my life. I used to be full of regret, guilt, envy, shame, grief, and resentments.

In 2011 I was somehow pulled into chakras, yoga and tai chi. I had no idea where spirit was moving me. I have come to realize that I spent most of my life sleeping, this was an eerie feeling. I thought I knew who I was; I saw how my life was just a lie.

I needed to challenge my perception of myself and the world outside.

I found myself experiencing higher consciousness as I journeyed deeper internally, my external was all an illusion, and that the only thing that is true is what's within. I continued my quest because I wanted to experience spiritual enlightenment.

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