Female vindication

Ezewuzie Nkiruka: Female vindication
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                The Book

 Why did I give the book the title "female vindication"? I feel like females have been treated wrongly one way or the other in the society. They deserve to be listened to so I volunteered to let the world know of this painful silence and get back the respect females deserve. My book is not aimed at insulting anybody but rather stating the facts that need to be corrected. They deserve to be loved and respected and they won't anything less no longer. Females do not deserve to be treated as sluts just because they decide to flirt. This book serves as a safety net for females to understand that they deserve respect and they shouldn't take anything less than 100%. The book should serve also as a remainder of who they truly are and what they are capable of achieving.

     Everyday, the world makes us feel less and totally irrelevant but I want all the females out there to stand up and say 'enough is enough'. We are not your objects of pleasure that you use and throw away just because we are the weaker gender. We deserve to dress the way we want and walk down the streets without being harassed or raped.

     Men cheat because a woman can't satisfy them sexually but have they ever wondered whether they satisfy us. Females fight for their marriages and children yet they are not praised. They tolerate and endure the beatings of the man yet the man is always right. The constitution speaks of equality but men and women are yet to be equal. Bride price is not a chain or cell that you should use to cage a female. 

     In the book, I am not trying to insult men or degrade them. I am just looking for an avenue to lend a voice to the females. We have suffered in silence and we can't take it no longer. Read this book if you are looking for a way to break free of your bondage and speak up. We are the weaker gender doesn't make us completely useless and dumb. I repeat "females deserve vindication" and I am ready to change the opinions of the public. We deserve love and respect and we will take nothing less than what we deserve.

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