Yossef Ohana: Exposed
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About the book Exposed, Written by Anat Cherpak: An emotional journey of an autobiographical young man named Yossef Ohana. Actor and creator Yossef Ohana, who has just released his debut album. Worldwide Success, is launching a new digital book explaining a complex and exciting emotional journey that travels between the religious world and the secular culture, between the mainstream and the closet, the search for roots and the path to self-realization of all dreams. The new gospel in the world of self-development is the new digital book by former creator and journalist Yossef Ohana which exposes and takes us on a complex emotional journey ranging from the spiritual worlds to the routine, between the bad and the good, the transition between studying at the Chabad meeting. To the Sheinkin culture (his place of residence), and the way to find answers in the universe calling to us. The new book is a 5-year work and is written as a series of stories, monologues and, finally, breathtaking confessions that encourage us to follow our dreams, dare, fulfill and connect with the inner self. Yossef Ohana is only 41 years old, but has gained a lot of mileage as an entertainment journalist as a songwriting artist and now as a writer. He was born in Ashdod and studied at a religious school from age 6 to high school in his new book based on real stories he tells about leaving the closet at age 35 about the time in London where he studied acting about the years he worked as a cultural and broadcast correspondent on radio and western, copywriting in advertising offices and of course the work of a pop album with 8 autobiographical songs written and most of them compiled by him who have had unprecedented success in music digital stores with tens of thousands of plays in Europe, India, Japan, USA, North Korea and more. The album called EXPOSED, just as the book, was launched in English and deals with the inner struggle between lies, sins and the desire to find love and truth within the world of religion. Among the songs that star you will find Lies and Sins opening song and Sins closing song. Today at the age of 40 plus Yossef is approaching religion again, in order to get closer to his roots, to follow his beliefs. Today Yossef works in the Tel Aviv municipality in the special education department, continues to write and compose songs and dreams of financial independence and full time as a theatre actor. In the book EXPOSED and an album distributed around the world, Yossef invites the reader / listener to embark on an autobiography journey that tells his childhood story, the storms of emotion and the complex search for the connection to self, truth, honesty and relationship. It's a kind of search and self-discovery roadmap that makes the reader better understand themselves and examine life in a new perspective. Yossef's recent major change is attributed to a dangerous car accident that miraculously survived. Yossef: I was 20 and walking around Allenby street, Tel Aviv, on the way to a friend. Suddenly I noticed a bus that stopped and without thinking I jumped in front of him to get on it. It was completely dark and in a second I noticed a flash of car lights and woke up in the middle of the road with only a broken nail. Since that event, I have embarked on a quest for answers and meaning, and this is also the inspiration for the first chapter of the book, Yossef Ohana recalls. Focusing only on his art returned to his parents' home for a good few years.

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