Everything under the sky

Matilde Asensi: Everything under the sky
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A great adventure in search of the First Emperor's treasure.

The book was second place for the International Latino Award. Over 1,000,000 copies sold worldwide by the so-called "Queen of the Spanish Adventure Fiction", one of the top writers in the Spanish language, and author of the best seller The Last Cato.

Set during the 1920s, Elvira De Poulain, a Spanish painter based in Paris, receives news that her estranged husband, now running the family textile business in China, has died in his house in Shanghai under strange circumstances and that she must make appropriate funeral arrangements. Accompanied by her niece, she leaves Marseille by boat to retrieve Rémy's body and claim her share of his worldly goods, unaware that this journey is the beginning of a compelling quest through China in search of the First Emperor's treasure.

After an eventful voyage, they finally arrive, and Elvira and Fernanda soon find themselves immersed in an underworld of gangsters, opium dens, and political intrigues.

The book has been successfully published in seven countries: US, Italy, Brazil, Holland, Greece, Romania, and Portugal.

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