Etheric Vision And What It Reveals

Max Heindel: Etheric Vision And What It Reveals
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In 1918 Max Heindel wrote: "The process of

preparation for the Aquarian Age has already commenced;

and as Aquarius is an airy, scientific, intellectual sign, it is

a foregone conclusion that the new faith must be rooted in

reason and able to solve the riddle of life and death in a

manner that will satisfy both the mind and the religious

instinct." As we have in the past evolved five senses by

means of which we contact the present visible world, so

shall we in the far distant future evolve another sense

which will enable us to see the denizens of the Etheric

Region, including those of our dear ones who have left the

physical body and inhabit the ether and lower Desire

World during the first stage of their career in the spiritual


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