Eternity and a Night

The die is cast

Maria Spotlight Bennet: Eternity and a Night
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Blood to the earth shall be given, the children of pure blood will awaken. A battle had been fought, the war was yet to come. Decades after the great victory over the Devil, Emily, the first and most powerful witch, sets out to continue following her destiny as the dark Phoenix. With the awakening of vampires and werewolves, the witch manages to unite the three bloodlines and draw in more unsuspecting characters in the eternal struggle between good and evil. But Emily is guarding a dark secret, the revelation of which could spell doom for the clans.Eternity and a Night is the second part of the prequel to The Night is Ours. It focuses on forming the three clans and leads the reader into the depths of betrayal, lies, dark machinations, and the inevitability of one's fate.

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