Essential Novelists - Karel Capek

czech science fiction

Karel Capek, August Nemo: Essential Novelists - Karel Capek
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Welcome to the Essential Novelists book series, were we present to you the best works of remarkable authors.

For this book, the literary critic August Nemo has chosen the two most important and meaningful novels of Karel Capek which are The Absolute at Large and

The War with the Newts.

Karel apek was a Czech writer, playwright and critic. He has become best known for his science fiction, including his novel War with the Newts and play R.U.R., which introduced the word robot. He also wrote many politically charged works dealing with the social turmoil of his time. Influenced by American pragmatic liberalism, he campaigned in favor of free expression and strongly opposed the rise of both fascism and communism in Europe.

Novels selected for this book:

- The Absolute at Large

- The War with the NewtsThis is one ofmany books in the series Essential Novelists. If you liked this book, look for the other titles in the series, we are sure you will like some of the authors.