Escaping His Grace - Gentlemen of Temptation, Book 2 (Unabridged)

Kristin Vayden: Escaping His Grace - Gentlemen of Temptation, Book 2 (Unabridged)
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Miss Miranda is not really a Miss, exactly. Nor is her name Miranda, exactly. But to escape her tyrannical Duke of a father, changes were required. Now in the Scottish countryside, employed by her new brother-in-law's unsuspecting friend, Heathcliff Marston, Viscount Kilpatrick, Miranda feels safe - except for the danger of falling in love. And the Viscount's broad shoulders and seductive brogue are no help at all. Certainly, a peer of the realm would never entertain a dalliance with the help - and definitely not kiss the help - except this Viscount isn't a typical peer of the realm.

Between managing Temptations and his newly acquired ward, the last thing Heathcliff needs is investigators inexplicably hounding him about the whereabouts of some duke's runaway daughter. At least he's secured a governess - no doubt a sour woman. Or so he expects until he meets intriguing Miranda. Now he is the one faced with temptation. But there's more to lovely Miranda than meets the eye - a truth that could change the course of all their futures.