Elements of Love

Debbie Lacy: Elements of Love
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An attractive couple, whose names are Bre'dron and Briana fall madly in love as high school sweethearts when their love relationship was criticized by his mother's consistent meddling; determined to keep them apart for her own selfish reasons. But regardless of her malice, they struggled to hold on to one another. After high school graduation, Briana's preference was to attend a historical black college in Atlanta and Bre'dron's dream was to follow his father and brother's footsteps in joining the Marines. They had hoped to spend the summer together before going their separate ways, exploring their future endeavors when she finds out his recruitment was much earlier then expected. Surprisingly while in military, Bre'dron became infatuated by an alluring love interest named Kiya, who is a fashion journalist; impelled to neglect his sweetheart, whereas their love began to slowly dwindle. Even though Briana was still madly in love with Bre'dron, she moves on with her life and while partying with friends for the holidays in Chicago, her beauty and sex appeal lands her a lucrative 2-year contract in the adult entertainment industry where she becomes a big star. Faith, triumphant as well as adversity transpired in both of their lives and in nearly four years they reclaimed their love ecstasy, but after deserting Bre'dron while on a job assignment in Paris, France, Kiya returns wanting him back compromising their wonderful relationship. **Adult Content**

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