Eden Online

Chadwick Bicknell: Eden Online
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The age of deep dive online gaming is here and Eden Online is the first of its kind. Hundreds of thousands of players enjoy the game for months until one day the rules change. An unknown figure hacks the game and traps everyone inside to play a game where there life is on the line. "By now some of you will have noticed there is no longer a logout feature. I assure you this is no glitch or malfunction. I am responsible for that. I have taken control of the game, and none of you can leave until the final boss is beaten." The player Dante must brave the 100 continents with his friends and brothers to get to the Infinity Castle and challenge the final boss who is the hacker. Relationships are formed and bonds are tested in this game of life and death. Can you do it? Can you be the Hero of Eden and beat the final boss? Fight well heroes, and tempt not the Fates. 

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