DEATH COMETH SOON OR LATE: 35+ Mystery & Revenge Tales

An Electrical Slip, The Vengeance of the Dead, The Great Pegram Mystery, The Vengeance of the Dead and many more

Robert Barr: DEATH COMETH SOON OR LATE: 35+ Mystery & Revenge Tales
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This unique collection of some of the greatest murder mysteries and revenge thrillers, has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards.


Face and the Mask

Death Cometh Soon or Late

The Woman of Stone

The Chemistry of Anarchy

The Fear of It

The Metamorphoses of Johnson

The Reclamation of Joe Hollends

The Type-Written Letter

The Doom of London

The Predicament of De Plonville

A New Explosive

The Great Pegram Mystery

High Stakes

"Where Ignorance Is Bliss"

The Departure of Cub Mclean

Old Number Eighty-Six

Playing With Marked Cards

The Bruiser's Courtship

The Raid On Mellish

Striking Back

Crandall's Choice

The Failure of Bradley

Ringamy's Convert

A Slippery Customer

The Sixth Bench


An Alpine Divorce

Which Was The Murderer?

A Dynamite Explosion

An Electrical Slip

The Vengeance of the Dead

Over The Stelvio Pass

The Hour and the Man

"And the Rigour of the Game"

The Bromley Gibberts Story

Not According to the Code

A Modern Samson

A Deal on 'Change


The Shadow of the Greenback

The Understudy

"Out Of Thun"

A Dramatic Point

Two Florentine Balconies

The Exposure of Lord Stansford


Robert Barr (1849–1912) was a Scottish-Canadian short story writer and novelist, born in Glasgow, Scotland. His famous detective character Eugéne Valmont, fashioned after Sherlock Holmes, is said to be the inspiration behind Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot.