Dancing With The Light

Jill Mayer: Dancing With The Light
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This book is not your typical spiritual viewpoint and is not meant to be a spiritual development book but has the knowledge to contribute to the understanding of a spiritual nature. It is written from stored knowledge of many lifetimes throughout time that I have accessed through past lives, meditation, connections spiritually, information from my guidance system both spiritual and physical and through the many experiences I have had over the last 58 years. It is an in-depth book but simply written to create an awareness of a world or existence most of us are nervous thinking about because it means we have to leave this earth and time to exist in it or simply takes us out of our comfort zone.Dancing with the Light explains the process of earthly death, life after death and bringing it all together so our souls can continue on throughout time. We start with our Death and Transition through to the Spiritual Realms; the Cycle of our Soul, beginning, living and dying bringing Reincarnation and Past Lives in view as a complete cycle; Varying degrees of Soul Growth, the Spirit World and different Levels of Existence while there; how our Loved Ones and Guides appear or manifest to us making a difference in our lives. It gives us an Understanding of the Gifts we give ourselves such as Signposts to help us with our life back on earth and guidance once we leave the Spiritual Realms. Before each chapter I have written a small rundown giving an overall view of what that chapter is about. There are 8 chapters in this book and once read hopefully a lot of your questions may have been answered. Enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.