Craft Your Counterpart

Karlis Vilbers: Craft Your Counterpart
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Your life is a reflection of your state of mind.

This book will get you mentally and physically 

ready for your desires and new life experiences.

Overall and practical teachings about energy, mind

and universal principles. Gravity and CYC aren't

just great ideas, they are laws that work.

CYC Will:


- Shift Your Thinking and Perspective.

- Resolve Some of Your Problems. /if not all/

- Help You Receive What You Desire.

- Will Support Your Growth and Expansion. 

Authors Voice:


So far this is the best thing I have created.

Spiritual, Mental and Physical edition 

that fixed me and many other, applying it 

and using it these mental and physical practices over time.

These teachings aren't quick fixes but permanent.

Living by this material has shown me,

that nothing is too simple to work.

Powered by pure energy, tested practices, and best intentions.


/CYC comes from Me to You/

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