COVID-19: A global problem for modern civilization.

Transactions of the International Academy of Science H&E.

Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht, Prof. Dr. Elchin Khalilov, Dr. Med. Ilse Triebnig, Dr. Tamila Khalilova, Prof. Dr. Mahbuba Valiyeva, Prof. Dr. Farhanda Sadikhova, Dr. Yelena Savoley: COVID-19: A global problem for modern civilization.
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A special edition of the book Science Without Borders is dedicated to the most important problem of modern civilization at present - the fight against a pandemic of COVID-19. The authors of this issue offer their concept of reducing the risks of coronavirus infection and mortality from it before the advent of the vaccine. Based on the analysis of long-term clinical and laboratory tests of the drug "AZEOMED", the authors give convincing arguments in support of the possibility of effective use of the drug "AZEOMED" in the process of prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Clinical and laboratory studies of the mineral composition "AZEOMED" were coordinated and funded by the International Scientific and Technical Complex "Intergeo-Tethys". The book contains data on analogues of the drug AZEOMED produced in different countries.

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