A dominant man sets a submissive woman aflame with a musical scene

Tess Dagger: Classic
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It's Saturday night at the BDSM club and Tess's friend and fellow pain slut Moni teases two classical music-obsessed doms, challeging them to create play playlists for each other. Rising to her challenge, they agree to an artistic exchange.

Tess is house-sitting, and has the perfect luxurious venue to make this naughty suggestion a reality. Her guests arrive, dressed in their finest. What follows is a musical exploration of pain, pleasure and the nature of the dom/sub dynamic. Sound and sensation meld as violinist Sven teaches Tess a lesson or two about classical music… among other things.

Between a most unconventional use of a violin bow, Sven distributes hot pain and delicious sensuality as the scene builds and wanes to the music. With her characteristic raw realism, Tess Dagger pulls the reader into her mind, into her world, a world of perversion and intense sensation. If you like hot, hard, realistic BDSM, this story is a must-read.

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