Christology in Christian-Muslim Dialogue

The Hermeneutics of Interreligious Learning for the Promotion of Common Values

Rev Fr Dr Robert Afayori: Christology in Christian-Muslim Dialogue
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Understanding the religious beliefs and practices of the other raises hermeneutic questions on the extent to which the dialogical call to openness is related to commitment, the meaning of religious identity, and whether openness to the beliefs of the other poses a threat to one's religious identity. If interreligious learning demands that the interlocutors unite their attitude of commitment and openness, how does this occur without the loss of alterity? This book addresses these questions within the context of Christian-Muslim dialogue on Christology as an exercise in learning - a new form of dialogue which leads Christians and Muslims to the discovery of common values such as prayer and submission to God; peace and peaceful co-existence, and solidarity with the poor and marginalised.

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