Calm Within: Dreamlike Music for Relaxation of Body and Mind

Perfect for Yoga, Massage, Reiki, Spa, Hypnosis, Meditation

Yella Taylor: Calm Within: Dreamlike Music for Relaxation of Body and Mind
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If you want to rapidly achieve deeper levels of relaxation and relieve stress - then keep reading...

This calming selection of dreamlike music gives you the power to calm your mind and relieve stress on the go - even if you're lifestyle is overwhelmingly busy and hectic. Here's how this relaxation music will empower you:

- The right sounds resonate with the body, bringing it back to its natural state, with a healing and regenerating effect on mind, body, and soul.

- Use the pulsating sounds to calm your soul and put yourself in a state of absolute, deep peace.

- Achieve deep levels of relaxation anytime, anywhere.

- Incredibly useful whether you're working, travelling, sleeping or just relaxing.

- Even if you don't have any time to sit down for just one minute, you can play this music in the background to calm yourself.

Are you ready to effortlessly free yourself from the anxieties of stress - anytime, anywhere? Then buy this audiobook today - and immerse yourself in a world of limitless relaxation.

Your audiobook provides:

The perfect mix of natural sounds and dreamlike music (5 tracks, overall length 128 minutes). Perfect for massage, reiki, hypnosis, meditating, relaxing or falling asleep. Professional recording quality for crisp, clean audio sound.

Bonustrack: A complete guided mindfulness meditation program (22 minutes) for spiritual & physical wellness to help reduce anxiety, stress and insomnia. An effective, basic practice that can be used daily to feel at home with mindfulness.

If you love dreamlike music - or if you simply crave peace and calm - order this audiobook right away. Immerse yourself in a world of limitless relaxation.

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