Call Out My Name

Taking a stranger to bed has never been so hot

Elouise Edron: Call Out My Name
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You know those days when you're simply in a good mood? When everything is going right? Well, what if a handsome stranger came into the picture to spice things up?

He's entitled, he's cocky, and he's... So attractive. Waltzing in to the protagonist's life in the most unlikely of locations (a convenience store!), he is full of demands. He demands her number, demands to take her out for lunch, demands her attention. At first, she might be intimidated... But then she decides to take back control.

In a daring move, she decides taking this beautiful stranger to bed - no questions asked - is exactly what she needs. And the payoff is more explosive than she could have ever imagined.

A detailed recollection of a common fantasy; light, fun, and that will leave you yearning to take home the next sexy stranger you meet in the subway.

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