Butt du Jour

Jake Indiana: Butt du Jour
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They meet in the daylight and an awkward conversation ensues. Parting ways, they can't help but wonder whether their short encounter can be prolonged. The hopes are high, and the obsession is overwhelming in this story of delightful conquest where a dom and a sub thoroughly enjoy their newly discovered roles.

It all unravels in a Berlin nightclub where the protagonist wanders in search of sexual adventures. Unexpectedly, their screen idol shows up with a whip and a promise of sweet punishment. The two of them form a perfect duet delighting the crowd with peachy derriere views and pleasing sounds of a whip. It's a spectacle for the crowd as much as a self-revelation journey for the two performers.

For Valentine's Day, BERLINABLE launched a challenge for authors worldwide; writing secluded tales of sexual indulgence. The winners of the NAUGHTYCUPID contest present the world of love that is sensual, exciting, and diverse.

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