Venture Omor: Binding The Strong Man

Venture Omor: Binding The Strong Man
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It Takes The Supernatural To Incapacitate The Forces Of Evil

THIS BOOK DEALS WITH ANOTHER ASPECT of the Believer's supersonic power available to him in his spiritual warfare and battle with the satanic forces.

In this book, the author Dr. Venture O. Omor reveals that there are rules of engagement in deliverance ministry. The Believer's success or failure in spiritual warfare is absolutely dependent on his working knowledge of…

- The reality of the unseen satanic forces with which we're engaged, in the warfare.

- The activities, craftiness and subtle nature of these demonic forces of evil.

- The reality of the believer's instantaneous supersonic power available and at work for him "in the name of Jesus:. (Phil. 2 vs. 9-10)